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1. Book an appointment with one of our optometrists – Adrian, Grace, Sashini and Ally



2. Chat with your optometrist about your vision and eye health concerns

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3. Leave with a custom vision solution to make your life easy.

Do you wear glasses?

Watch as Norm explains why this change happens.

At The Eye Collective, we are here to help you see your world better

We understand that life is busy. You don’t want to spend your precious spare time worrying about your vision.

Unfortunately, when it comes to time to get an eye exam, it can be stressful knowing where to get the best care, with up to date knowledge and advice.

At The Eye Collective, we believe in staying on the leading edge of new advances in optometry.Our optometrist’s constantly undertake extra training to help provide the best patient care. This ensures you don’t have to worry about your vision.

We use the latest technology during your Enhanced Eye Test and for finding the perfect fit for your glasses and contact lenses so you are guaranteed to get the best optometric care to help enhance your life.

Meet the team

Adrian, Sashini, Grace and Ally have helped thousands of people improve their vision with a detailed eye test using the latest technology. Meet the team and see how they can help you.

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Most parents don’t know that over 80% of what a child learns in class is visual.

Kids eyes have never had to work as hard as they do right now.

Get all the info you need at our Eye Collective for Kids page

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Five reasons
an Enhanced Eye Test could save your life