Contact lenses

Mar 31, 2022 | Eye health

Do you need glasses for your vision, but glasses are just not your thing? Have you ever considered contact lenses? They are certainly not as tricky as you may think! The key is, if your contact lenses are fitted well, then they should be so comfortable that you don’t even know you are wearing them!

What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a tiny little lens that, like glasses, can help correct your vision. Unlike glasses however, the lens doesn’t need to be held in front of your eyes with a glasses frame. Instead, the specialised lens can sit directly on your eyes. Convenient, right?! For some this may sound a little icky, but let us promise you this – it is not as tricky as you think! We provide specialised training on how to fit and remove your contact lenses so you can feel confident when out and about!

Who are contact lenses for?

We have so many different types of specialised contact lenses available for lots of different conditions, including: myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness), keratoconus and astigmatism. We even have multi-focal contact lenses available! So, if you don’t want to wear your glasses, there is no excuse!!

A specialised contact lens solution we have on offer in the practice is orthokeratology lenses, or more commonly known as Ortho-K. Ortho-K is a special lens that is worn on the eyes while you sleep – this may seem a little counterintuitive for our experienced contact lens wearers, but this is what these lenses are specifically designed for! While asleep, the Ortho-K lenses correct your eye shape so that you don’t need glasses or contact lenses during the day – making it a very functional option for patients! As an added bonus, these lenses can help to actually slow the progression of your myopia (short sightedness).

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