Over 40’s & Don’t Like Reading Glasses? Why Not Consider Multifocal Contact Lenses?

May 4, 2022 | Eye Health

Needs glasses for reading but not for distance? Or maybe you have different prescriptions for distance and near? Don’t like wearing glasses? Then multifocal contact lenses may be for you!

Multifocal contact lenses can provide clear vision at varying distances without the glasses! Similar to multifocal glasses, they contain multiple prescriptions to help you see at distance, intermediate and near.

There are 2 main types of multifocal contact lenses, concentric and aspheric. The concentric design contains concentric circles of different lens powers for different viewing distances. The aspheric design provides a gradual change of lens power from the centre of the lens.

The right type of lens will depend on your glasses prescription and lifestyle. There are various brands of multifocal contact lenses, so you may need to try different brands before finding the right one for you. Don’t worry though, the cost of trial contact lenses is included in the contact lens fitting consultations.

Have you tried multi-focal contact lenses but want an alternative? Monovision contact lenses may be for you! In this type of contact lens, your dominant eye wears the distance correction and the non-dominant eye wears the near correction.

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