My child’s eyes are sore! Digital eye strain in kids

Jan 25, 2022 | Eye Health

Digital eye strain is the eye discomfort felt after two or more hours on a digital screen. Studies show that as many as 80% of children may be experiencing digital eye strain symptoms after using digital devices for extended periods.
Signs of digital eye strain can be subtle and include:
– Tired eyes
– Red eyes
– Frequent eye rubbing
– Focusing problems
– Headaches
Neck, back and shoulder pain related to unnatural forward head posture are also non-visual symptoms of digital eye strain.
Children’s eyes love being relaxed and comfortable, ideally when they are moving and placed at all different distances from an object. Eyes get tired and sore and start to have problems when they are being held at one distance for long periods without breaks, which tends to happen as children are absorbed in what they’re watching / seeing. If eyes are focusing at close targets, it requires a lot of muscle work.
It’s not practical to think children will cease using technology, however, there are things you can do to minimise your child’s eye strain.
Why are regular eye examinations important?
80% of a child’s learning is through their vision and good eyesight and eye coordination are important to help children reach developmental and educational milestones.
Children’s eyes continue to develop until their late teens and early 20’s, and sometimes large changes in vision can occur within a short space of time. Visual demands are varied and high with long hours of study, device use, sport and other pursuits, so regular monitoring will identify any challenges.
In a comprehensive eye examination, we not only evaluate the sharpness of a child’s vision, we also examine the internal and external health of the eyes and assess how well they work together as a team. We also look for any early symptoms of short-sightedness (myopia) which is growing at a fast rate in children worldwide.
Regular eye examinations every few years starting from before a child commences primary school will give you peace of mind that their vision and eye health are being monitored closely.
Eyewear for a connected life
Innovative lens technology for both prescription and non-prescription welters alleviates digital eye strain by eliminating glare, filtering out blue light and preventing vision fatigue. Designed to relax and protect young eyes, these lenses provide clear viewing at typical screen viewing distance, as well as reducing blurriness, pixelation, brightness and glare. For prescription glasses wearers, eyewear is prescribed to combat digital eye strain and deliver postural benefits as focus is optimised for close-up work and screen viewing for study and digital time.
If you start to notice any symptoms of digital eye strain or are concerned about your child’s vision, get in touch with our friendly team!