My eyes are sore! Digital eye strain in adults

Nov 16, 2021 | Eye Health

With working from home the new norm and our lives becoming increasingly digitalised, our eyes have never worked so hard!
Digital eye strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by 65% of individuals after 2+ hours in front of a digital screen.
What are the symptoms of digital eye strain? 
– Neck, shoulder and back pain
– Eye strain
– Blurred vision
– Headaches
– Dry eyes
There are a number of contributing factors to digital eye strain. So why does it occur?
– Our eyes are focusing more intensively, switching frequently between devices and adjusting to increasingly smaller, pixelated characters and bright, glowing screens
– Digital devices are backlit and emit blue-violet light that can cause strain and discomfort and is linked to disrupted sleeping patterns
– Smart phones have placed even greater focusing demand on our eyes because they are held much closer than computers and tablets
– Digital device use reduces the number of blinks a minute as well as the strength and completion of the blinks, making eyes feel dry and uncomfortable
– Our posture has changed as we lean toward our screens and/or slouching in our chairs, putting strain on the neck and back
What can we do to help?
Innovative lens technology for both prescription and non-prescription wearers alleviates digital eye strain by eliminating glare, filtering out blue light and preventing vision fatigue. Designed to relax and protect your eyes, they provide clear viewing at typical screen viewing distance, as well as reducing blurriness, pixelation, brightness and glare. For prescription glass wearers, dedicated work/computer classes will combat digital eye strain and deliver postural benefits as your focus will be optimised for close-up work and screen viewing.
By understanding your individual needs, which include the setup of your digital environment and the type of work you do, we are able to prescribe a tailored vision solution for you.
If you notice any symptoms of digital eye strain or any changes to your vision, get in touch with our friendly team!