Myopia Control Clinic

Are you becoming frustrated because you or your child's vision keeps getting worse?

At the Eye Collective we understand your frustration and want to help.

At our myopia control clinic we use the latest research and technology to help slow the progression of Myopia/Shortsigtedness.

This is important, as most changes in the prescription, are actually caused by the eyeball stretching longer. This stretching can increase the risk of conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachments as you or your child get older.


Thankfully we have several fantastic options available to to help slow the change.

These include:

Specially Formulated Eye Drop

Specially designed glasses

Specially Formulated Eye Drop

Customised contact lenses

Specially Formulated Eye Drop

OrthoK – sleep in contact lenses

Specially Formulated Eye Drop

Specially formulated eye drops

Have a chat to one of our friendly optometrists about which options could work the best for you our your child. So you can take back control of your vision.


Check out our videos where Norm discusses what myopia is, and Grace discusses the treatment options which are available.

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