Sunscreen for your eyes – no not actual sunscreen, sunglasses!

Nov 16, 2021 | Eye health

Think of your sunglasses like sunscreen for your eyes (minus the stingy part!) 

Did you know that compared to your skin, your eyes are almost 10 times as sensitive to sun exposure?

To reduce your risk of UV damage, it is important to wear high protection sunglasses – this is important not only on sunny days, but also on cloudier ones. This is to protect ourselves from eye diseases such as degeneration of the retina, damage to the cornea, cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes and macular degeneration. 

Children and young adults can be more vulnerable to sun induced eye damage. We receive 80% of our lifetime’s exposure to UV before our 18th birthday, so developing good eyewear protection habits should start early.
Do you know your UV risk? The best way to monitor your family’s eye health is with an annual, comprehensive eye examination. A component of your comprehensive eye examination involves looking for any signs of sun damage, along with other eye conditions. Often, we are able to detect eye health changes before you notice any changes to your vision – allowing us to take a more preventative approach, rather than reactive.
When purchasing new sunglasses, look at the mandatory labelling on sunglasses that identifies the level of protection they provide you with. We generally recommend lens category 3 classification, for a high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection. Another important consideration is, what are you using your sunglasses for? Is it for general use, sport or reading on the beach?

At the Eye Collective, we have a large range of high quality sunglasses that have a high eye protection factor. We have options for our older and younger patients, sports wear & prescription sunglasses – giving you the option of style, comfort & protection! Get in contact with our friendly team to find out more.
Image: Moscot Sunglasses