A Style Guide To Help You Find Your Dream Sunglasses.

Nov 13, 2023 | Eye health, Eyewear Brands, Eyewear Style

We are thrilled to announce that The Eye Collective will host a Sunglasses Expo on 30 November 2023, from 10 am to 7 pm. This event will showcase the latest styles from six prestigious sunglasses brands: Furla, Porsche, Escada, Police, Fila, and Yalea. It’s a unique opportunity to explore an extensive collection of sunglasses all in one place!

To help you find your ideal pair, our experienced staff will be available to assist you in trying out different frames. This expo is the perfect chance to discover your dream sunglasses and expand your collection. We’ve compiled some tips to ensure you’re fully prepared for our eagerly awaited Sunglasses Expo!

Tip #1: Know Your Face Shape

Identifying your face shape is crucial in selecting sunglasses that flatter your features:

Round Faces: You can look for frames that introduce angles, such as square or rectangular shapes. They provide contrast to your face contour and highlight your features. Check out some examples from Yalea and Police that are ideal for round faces.

yalea square frameyalea with details on the toppolice square police


Square Faces: Consider soften a strong jawline with round or oval sunglasses, adding a touch of curve to your look. See below some excellent examples from Furla and Porsche. 

furla round tort furla round porsche round metal porsche square


Heart-Shaped Faces: Go for frames wider at the top than the bottom, like cat-eye styles or wayfarers. They will complement your face contour and draw attention to areas around your eyes. Check out below some fabulous examples from Furla and Police.

furla butterflyfurla black and white catseye police wayfarer police aviator

Diamond Faces: The key to pick sunglasses for Diamond Face is to accentuate your cheekbones with frames that have detailing on the brow line. See some stunning selections. from Escada and Porsche.

escada dimond shaped face escada squareporsche aviator porsche aviator shell

Oblong Faces: Large frames with high-set arms can help reduce the appearance of your face length and complement your draw line. Check out the fantastic examples from Furla and Police.

furla oversize furla high temple oversizepolice wrap around police high temple


Oval Faces: You’re lucky – most styles will suit you! Feel free to experiment with various styles.

Tip #2: Size Matters

  • Fashion: Ensure your frame size is proportional to your face. Incorrect sizing can disrupt facial harmony.
  • Protection: Choose a size that offers ample coverage for the delicate skin around your eyes, protecting against sun damage.
  • Prescription: If you need prescription sunglasses, ensure the size is suitable. Our team can guide you to the best choices for your prescription.

Tip #3: Consider Your Features

Your nose shape, skin tone, and hair colour should influence your choice:

  • Nose Shape: Select a bridge style that suits your nose. Adjustable nose pads are great for smaller noses, while high bridges suit larger noses. Trying them on is key for the perfect fit.
  • Finishing Touch: Factor in your skin tone, hair colour, and personal style. The right colour can enhance your complexion, while the perfect style can highlight your fashion sense. There is no one general guideline that works for everyone when it comes to the colours. The most important factor here is your preference.

Tip #4: Protection is Paramount

Remember, sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they’re essential for eye health. Check out our blog for tips on choosing sunglasses with the right level of protection.