Nike Frames for Kids: Where Sporty Meets Style and Fun!

Sep 26, 2023 | Eyewear Brands

At the Eye Collective, we take pride in offering Nike’s esteemed kids’ eyewear range. It has been a favourite choice for kids and parents for many years.  If glasses were cars, Nike frames would be those zippy little racers that everyone wants a ride in! True to the brand’s reputation, Nike’s eyewear range has a perfect blend between functionality and fashion. Here is a closer look at why they might be the perfect fit for your youngsters. 

There is a design for every child: 

Nike’s palette is vast and versatile. Whether your child dreams of being a soccer star in the park or loses themselves in magical story books, there’s a Nike frame tailored to their vibe. From vibrant neon to elegant classic frames, they cater to every budding personality.

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Built to play and built to Last:

 Nike gets how active kids naturally are. Therefore, they utilise the robust TR90 composite for their kids’ frames. It has a good blend of durability and flexibility, which allows these frames to handle the twist and tumble on the playground. They are tough and playful, just like the kids wearing them.

Comfort First

Nike recognises the significance of day-long comfort when it comes to eyewear. Therefore, they offer a range of designs tailored to accommodate diverse facial features in children. At the Eye Collective, our experienced dispensers will ensure that every patient receives frames that are suitable and impeccably fitted. Additionally, with their hypoallergenic material, Nike’s frames are gentle on young, sensitive skin, making them an ideal choice for daily wear.

Always in Style

Your child’s eyewear should be more than just functional; it should reflect their personality and passions. Designed with the latest trends in mind, these cool Nike glasses will ensure your kids to see the world better and strut with confidence. 

In a nutshell, Nike blends functionality with a dash of fun. For parents looking for the right mix of durability and flair, Nike makes the choice easy. After all, it’s about ensuring our little ones see clearly and shine brightly!