RightEye Tracker: Taking Your Child’s Eye care To The Next Level.

Mar 25, 2024 | Children's Eye Health, Eye health

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to The Eye Collective eye care equipment – the RightEye Tracker, a cutting-edge advancement in eye care technology designed to revolutionise how we assess and understand your child’s eye movement. 

The Importance of Assessing Eye Movement in Children

Having good vision is more than being able to read the 20/20 line on the letter chart. Good eye movement skills in children are fundamental for their overall development, learning, and day-to-day functioning. These skills encompass a range of visual abilities, including the capacity to track moving objects smoothly (smooth pursuits), quickly and accurately shift gaze from one point to another (saccades), and maintain focus on a single point (fixation). Read our other blog articles to learn more about other important visual skills. 

How RightEye Tracker Transforms The Assessment Of Eye Movement Skills

Traditionally, eye movement skills assessments in children were conducted using the “follow my finger” test. This method heavily relies on the optometrist’s observation, making it somewhat subjective and challenging to quantify. While useful, this technique does not capture the intricate details of eye movements or offer a way to accurately compare a child’s performance to developmental norms.

Enter RightEye Tracker, a transformative solution that leverages non-invasive eye-tracking technology to digitally record, analyze, and report on the subtle nuances of a child’s eye movement. The RightEye Tracker grants access to the world’s largest database of eye movements, enabling a more precise understanding of whether a child’s eye movement performance aligns with the appropriate norms for their age.

 This comprehensive assessment provides invaluable insights into a child’s visual capabilities, far beyond what conventional exams can offer. RightEye’s technology identifies and illustrates hard-to-detect eye movement impairments in real time, creating patient-friendly reports complete with eye movement illustrations and video playbacks.

Why Did We Bring in the RightEye Tracker? 

One in four children has an undetected vision problem that can impact their learning and lifestyles. Issues with eye movement skills are often challenging and time-consuming to detect and diagnose with traditional assessments. The RightEye Tracker offers an efficient way to catch any eye movement issues early, ensuring your child doesn’t just see clearly but also interacts with the world around them effectively.

At The Eye Collective Clinic, we’re committed to providing top level care for your child’s vision. The Eye Tracker is a testament to this commitment, offering detailed insights into your child’s eye movements and helping us guide them towards better vision and overall wellness.

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