Frame the World You Roam: Introducing Camilla’s Debut Eyewear Collection!

Oct 16, 2023 | Eyewear Brands

Australia has always been known for its playful spirit and zest for life, and if there’s one name that personifies this essence in the world of fashion, it’s Camilla Franks. As the dazzling force behind the brand Camilla, she’s set the global stage alight with her vibrant prints and intricate designs. Known for weaving in tales of her adventures and inspiring escapism, Camilla’s designs are not just outfits – they are experiences.

Having etched a unique aesthetic that is unmistakably ‘Camilla’, her global print house now has a foothold in 55 countries. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any brighter, Camilla introduced her first-ever eyewear range in 2023!

Dive into the Future with Camilla’s Debut Eyewear Collection!

In the words of Milla herself, “Sunglasses are part of my own personal DNA.” Having always been a passionate lover and collector of eyewear, it was about time she introduced this element into her brand and, as she says, “CAMILLA-fy” them for all of us!

Eyewear is not just about their function to improve vision and protect our eyes; it’s an extension of our personalities, a final touch to our outfits, a frame for our memories. Camilla’s range promises exactly this. Drawing inspiration from travel and the freedom of adventures, these frames encapsulate joy, the thrill of the unexpected, and, of course, that signature wild Camilla twist!

Camilla’s eyewear range is an invitation for lovers of exploration, for the midnight adventurers, for those wandering through ancient cities and alleys, seeking stories and creating memories. Milla’s frames are the perfect companion for these escapades. They’re more than just fashion accessories; they’re memories waiting to be made.

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Discover the Range: A Symphony of Comfort & Style

Now, while we’re all about style and statement, comfort can’t take a backseat. And guess what? Camilla’s eyewear doesn’t just make you look good; they make you feel fabulous too! Every frame is designed keeping in mind the modern traveler, ensuring that they are as comfortable as they are chic.

Whether you’re a lover of the classic, a seeker of the avant-garde, or somewhere in between, there’s a frame for every face, every mood, and every adventure. These pieces are truly a blend of fashion-forward thinking and comfort.

Step into Camilla’s World!

We are thrilled to welcome Camilla Eyewear range to the Eye Collective in Dandenong. We’re calling all fashion enthusiasts to explore this collection in our store first hand. Try them on, feel their comfort, and let these frames become an extension of your personality.Our expert dispensers will guide you to the pair that complements your face perfectly, while our dedicated optometrists ensure they enhance your vision of the world. Make your eye test appointment today or simply visit us in Dandenong.